Smart Door Lock Owner Review — Convenient But with 1 Fatal Flaw

Why Did I Install a Smart Door Lock?

Modern & sleek Smart Lock

How Does a Door Smart Lock Work?

My Smart Lock is powered by 4x AAA Energizer batteries
Activating the main lock for added security

How to Unlock the Smart Lock?

  1. RFID tags or card
  2. Smartphone app (Bluetooth or WiFi)
  3. Fingerprint scanner
  4. Number pad
  5. A traditional key as a backup

Number Touchpad (Passcode)

Entering with Keypad Passcode

How to Set Passcodes

Generating Passcodes on the Door Guard app
  1. Permanent: A passcode that everyone who lives in your house will use all the time
  2. Timed: A new passcode that is only valid from a timeframe that you set. Perfect for guests staying over
  3. One-time: A new passcode that is valid for 6 hours. Perfect to let contractors in

RFID Tags & Card

Entering RFID Tag
Get it on Lazada Malaysia
Using the Malaysian MyKad as an RFID tag to enter your home. Pretty James Bond-y

Fingerprint Scanner

My Novolock does not have a fingerprint scanner. But if it did, it’ll be where my thumb is in this pic

Smartphone app

Home Entering History

Entering history on the app

Traditional Key as a Backup

Backup key to be inserted at the bottom of the Smart Lock

Pros & Cons of a Digital Door Smart Lock

Smart Lock battery indicator

Cons of Smart Lock: I Almost Got Locked Out

Fatal design flaw fixed with a piece of folded paper

Cons of Smart Lock: Can a Smart Lock Be Hacked?

Vulnerabilities of traditional lock vs Smart Lock

Smart Lock Verdict



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