[Revealed]: The True Cost of Car Ownership in Malaysia

  1. Perodua Myvi (hatchback)
  2. Honda City (compact sedan)
  3. Perodua Aruz (7 Seater Compact SUV)
  4. Proton X70 (5 Seater SUV)
  5. Honda HRV (Compact Crossover)

Total Cost of Ownership by Brand

  • SUVs (Proton X70 & Honda HRV) have the highest cost of ownership.
  • Both the Perodua models (Myvi & Aruz) has the lowest cost of ownership.

Bank Installments Vs. Total Monthly Commitment

  1. Monthly installment (56%).
  2. Petrol (14%).
  3. Insurance Fund (10%) — this is often underbudgeted.

Monthly Petrol Costs

Road Tax Costs

Insurance Renewal

  1. The value of your car goes down (sum insured value).
  2. If you have no insurance claim, you are entitled to discounts on your renewals (NCD).

5-Year Servicing Costs

Tire Replacement Costs

Total Interest Paid

Do You Really Need an SUV in the City?

The All-Rounder

  • Small exterior, easy to maneuver and park in the city.
  • Affordable to buy, low total interest.
  • Fuel efficient with a small engine.
  • Spacious and comfortable.
  • Popular, so it can hold on to its resale value pretty well.

Car Ownership & Personal Finance

  • Sending your kids to join hobby classes to build up their skills.
  • Go on more frequent vacations.
  • Go out to your favorite restaurants more often.
  • Have more allowance to treat your family and friends.



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