Car Sharing in Malaysia with SoCar — How to & What to Look Out For

My SoCar Experience Summary

What Do You Need to Book a SoCar?

  1. Download the SoCar app (link below).
  2. Register an account & upload your ID to get your account verified.
  3. When you’re ready to book a SoCar, you have to use their app (not their website).
  4. After booking, you’ll need to bring your own Touch n Go card.
  5. You’ll need your smartphone with internet connectivity & enough battery to unlock & lock the car.

Booking Your SoCar

Example of insurace coverage for a Proton Iriz

Finding Your SoCar

Inspecting Your SoCar Before Driving

  1. Take a selfie through the app to verify that you are the person who booked.
  2. Inspect the car and submit any pre-existing damages.

Your SoCar Parking Pass

  • SoCars in malls are usually parked next to the parking management office. Check with them about the parking details.
  • Or, there should be a parking pass inside the cabin (dashboard, glovebox, or card compartment).

SoCar Driving Experience: Mazda 2

  1. The interior smelled like an inside of a club. The previous user probably chain-smoked in there. It was pretty rancid.
  2. The left rear wheel alignment or balancing was off, resulting in a significant wheel wobble as I drove it. (Check my video).

Problems with the SoCar App

  1. You need your phone, an internet connection & the ability to receive SMS to log in to your SoCar account.
  2. Once you’re logged in, the app will use your phone’s Bluetooth to connect to your SoCar.
  3. If the app is working correctly, there should be a button with a key symbol in the app to lock, unlock & start the car.
  4. Without your phone, or the ability to connect the app to the car properly, you’re screwed.
SoCar app’s never ending Bluetooth connectivity issues

My SoCar Verdict



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