$120 a Month from Blogging — My 1st Year Income Report | Balkoni Hijau

Overall Blog Stats

My blogging quick stats
Balkoni Hijau’s pageviews

My 1-Year Blogging Income — Trend & Sources

Balkoni Hijau’s monthly income as of July 2021
  1. Placing ads
  2. Affiliate sales
  3. Freelance writing services
Affiliate sales contributing the majority 73% of my total blogging income:
  1. I started making money on this blog on June 2020 (orange line)
  2. I started making money on YouTube ads on Mar 2021 (yellow line)
Income source breakdown

Income From Placing Ads (Through an Ad Network)

Example of ads automatically placed throughout my blog by Ezoic
Your ad earnings relationship with your blog traffic
My first earnings from Ezoic
Ezoic dashboard showing my daily earnings

Income From Affiliate Marketing

Example affiliate payout for an online pharmacy

Income From Freelance Writing

Image source: Unsplash

My Wins — What I Did Right

Win: My Content Strategy & SEO

Traffic source

Win: Promoting My Content on Social Media

My followers on social media
  1. If you post anything with a link, the algorithm will punish you and it won’t reach as many people as you’d like
  2. You have to customize each post for each platform as the audiences are different. See table above

Win: YouTube Channel Helps Reach New Audiences

My YouTube channel
Example of my YouTube video
Embedded YouTube video in my blog post
YouTube description with a link back to the blog
  • Be able to speak confidently in front of the camera
  • Know how to edit videos

Summary: The Reality of Blogging

How to start a blog video results on YouTube

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